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Technology sourcing

Where we bring together our legal expertise, insights and experience in relation to all aspects of the sourcing lifecycle specific to technology and digital transformation.

Transactional support services

Provision of all legal support required for project-specific technology, media and telecoms contracts, together with the renegotiation of existing agreements and the progress of disputes, whether acting on behalf of the supplier or the customer.

Sourcing solution services

Working closely with our SmartDelivery team, we provide legal and procurement teams within client businesses with the support needed to design and implement the contractual templates, playbooks and associated tools required to deliver an efficient sourcing strategy, tailored to the individual needs of the client concerned.

Digital asset optimisation

We understand the value of digital assets in a sourcing context and we support our clients in unlocking the benefits of identifying, consolidating and using data to make better buying decisions through the adoption of a digital sourcing strategy.