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D&I maturity assessment

Diversity & inclusion in your organisation: learn and measure with IDA

At Brook Graham from Pinsent Masons we help you implement diversity and inclusion strategies that work. We know that culture change is hard, and that buy-in at all levels is easier if there is a sense of direction and momentum. Our diversity and inclusion assessment chatbot, IDA, can tell you where your organisation is on that journey and will help identify what you need to do next.

IDA offers a ten minute survey that creates a D&I benchmark so you can measure future progress. It will show you where your organisation sits, visualised with our Maturity Model, giving you the confidence to continue your D&I conversations.

1887637_Icon 1 - What is IDA_80x75pxWhat is IDA?

An interactive Chatbot that will take you through our Brook Graham maturity model of diversity and inclusion 

1887638_Icon 2 - How will it help me_80x75pxHow will IDA help me?

You will be able to self-assess your organisation’s maturity, and identify opportunities to accelerate your progress on this journey 

1887639_Icon 3 - Who is behind IDA_80x75pxWho is behind IDA?

IDA has been developed collectively by our team of specialists in inclusion and our lawyers