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Managed Legal Services

Our Managed Legal Services business combines people and technology to create outcome-focused solutions that enable our clients to achieve more through simplification, standardisation and automation of their processes and documents.

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Our advisers act on domestic and international matters of all shapes and sizes, working with many of the leading names in the market. Browse our experience below, or use the filters to look-up recent work in particular geographies and industry sectors.

    People and technology married. Legal efficiency delivered.

    People and technology married. Legal efficiency delivered.

    Working in conjunction with our clients, the team design a cost-effective solution, selecting how much ‘human’ and how much technology to incorporate with the added benefit of providing the data required to provide additional insight to their businesses.


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    What is it used for

    Clients utilise our managed services for ‘business as usual’ work; this might take the form of standardising commercial contracts, automated document reviews, corporate housekeeping or commercial property conveyance as examples of typical work.

    We also serve as outsourced legal departments for all or some specific legal issues and resolve them for our client as if we were acting as an internal counsel.

    When it comes to multi-jurisdictional work, such as review of standard terms and conditions throughout all EU countries or checking specific legal questions, our Managed Legal Services help to provide uniform solutions without the complication of hundreds of emails being sent.

    How does the client benefit

    How does the client benefit

    Clients have complex repetitive work completed to a high quality, but in a simple, fast, and cost-effective fashion. Furthermore, working in this manner delivers huge quantities of data, which provides the client with transparency and allows them to further improve their systems and raise the quality of their output.

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    Vario Community

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