We all have a responsibility to help tackle climate change and protect our planet. And it’s one we take very seriously.

We push the boundaries every day with our legal advice and business transformation services – and we’re doing the same with our environmental initiatives and commitments too.

Everybody here is passionate about doing their bit, because when we work together as individuals, it can make a huge difference. Between 2015 and 2020 we:



reduced UK energy consumption by 30%.


reduced our used UK office space by over 100,000 square feet.


reduced business travel emissions by 10%.


reduced printing by 29% in the UK and Europe.


increased our recycling rate by 80% in the UK.


This is great, but to us it’s still not enough. That’s why we’re taking our commitment to reducing our environmental impact even further.

Stepping up to bring our environmental impact down


To educate, influence and advocate for positive action on climate change, not just internally but among clients, suppliers, universities and charities, in September 2020 we introduced our Climate Change Mitigation & Sustainability Platform. As part of this, we presented to over 30 partners, created podcasts, hosted webinars, and will be taking part in a series of events in the lead up to United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26).

We’re also one of the founding members of the Net Zero Infrastructure Coalition and are committed to net zero science-based targets which are years ahead of the UK government’s mandatory 2050 deadline. You can read more about how we worked with the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) to establish our targets which are to cut absolute carbon emissions by a minimum of 50% and to source 100% renewable electricity across our global network by 2030, a goal we’re almost 80% of the way to achieving already.

Our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals extends to working with our clients too. We aim to support those who create, deliver and implement low carbon solutions and technologies, to support the transition to a lower carbon world.


We’ve put a lot of energy into reducing our consumption of it

We’ve installed energy analytics software in our London headquarters to measure gas, electricity and plant usage. The system has made multiple recommendations, resulting in an annual 8% reduction in energy use, and we expect the reductions to grow over time.

How agile working is the right move for us – and the environment

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 certainly changed how and where we work. Fortunately, we had flexible working solutions in place already. Not only because it gives our people more freedom, but because it reduces the amount of office space, lighting, heating and power needed. Going agile in our Birmingham office, for example, cut how much office space was required by 14%.



Going further to reduce the need to travel

To cut our CO2 emissions we’ve introduced ‘no travel weeks’ and enhanced our teleconferencing and telepresence systems to make it easier to communicate with you and our other clients without the need to jump in a car, catch a train or hop on a plane.

Let’s make a positive difference together

Nobody can make a difference alone. That’s why we hope you and our other clients share our green philosophy and join us so we can grow together, while cutting our impact on environment.