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Respond, Record, Report


People importing your goods into markets without your consent can have a serious impact on your business but keeping track of this parallel import activity and responding can be difficult and time consuming.

Parallens allows you to record notices of parallel import activity, respond to them and report on the trade of your products across Europe, reducing the future impact of parallel imports.


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How will Parallens help me?

Designed specifically for life sciences companies, Parallens allows you to record notices of intended imports in one place to help you act quickly and decisively. It will store and index copies of notices and sample products and will use data from the notices to identify which products are the targets of parallel traders, where there may be shortages in the supply chain and where your margins will be most heavily impacted.

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How does Parallens protect my brands?

Parallens helps you track notices, guides you on when and how objections can be raised and enables timely responses.

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How does Parallens track parallel trade?

Parallens uses notices of intended imports to alert you where imports originate from and where they will be sold. Its document repository gives you a complete and easily accessible view of repackaging presentations and enables you to check the ongoing use of your brand by importers.

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Can Parallens help me report on activity to my business?

Parallens creates live reports on the impact of parallel trade. These show which products are most affected, which countries will see increased competition and which countries may face greater demand. Visibility of the parallel trade of your goods enables the business to better manage its supply chains.

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